Service Select

Our people are our business. We believe that taking care of and supporting our people strengthens our company, which in turns enables us to provide premium service to our customers.

Protect your investment

When investing in seating, an optional maintenance program is highly recommended to support ongoing functionality, performance, safety, comfort, and aesthetics. Interseat's Service Select program combines expert inspections with preventative servicing to deliver:

  • A Certification of Inspection to assist you with insurance and licensing requirements. 
  • Assistance in meeting Occupation, Health and Safety requirements, so that you'll achieve the highest level of safety for your staff and patrons.
  • Reliable operation of your seating system.
  • Extended life and presentation of your seating system.

What you will receive with our Service Select program:

Free post-installation inspection 

Customers enjoy a six month follow up inspection at no cost to make sure everything's working smoothly.

Annual Inspections and Servicing

To identify any issues that impact the safe and efficient operation of your seating system. Upon the completion of an inspection, you will receive a written report describing the service and parts required to rectify any concerns.

Servicing and investigating warranty claims

Our technical experts will thoroughly service your seating solution to make sure it's working correctly and to cover warranty conditions. What you need to know:

  • Any components that need replacing within their warranty period are replaced at no additional cost. Any components that are out of warranty will be identified in the inspection report, and the decision on whether to replace them is up to you.
  • Our authorised representative will complete each service and report on any major issues that need rectification.
  • Each service will cover the structure, seating, electrics, lubrication, operation, and NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) of your seating solution.
  • Servicing occurs annually, but can be changed to six-monthly intervals if your system is in heavy use.
  • Quoting on a service is calculated based upon your system's size and type, your location, date of service (weekends and holidays incur a surcharge), and accessibility.
  • Interseat endeavour to keep service quotes reasonable by negotiating the scheduled service timing to align with other work with your region.
  • Fabric, carpet, flooring, and nosing are not covered during servicing, but will be checked and any issues reported. If Interseat is responsible for the issue, it will be rectified.
One-on-One ongoing relationship

We are determined to provide the best service possible, so we will make sure you have a single, consistent point of contact at Interseat now and into the future. You will be able to voice your needs and rest assured that follow up will be prompt and reliable.