Do you install projects in all States?

Interseat install seating systems and grandstand seating in all States of Australia. We also have international customers we have assisted with their grandstand seating requirements.

Are your products made in Australia?

Our seating systems are Australian designed and engineered. Interseat seating systems are manufactured to meet Australian and international structural and safety standards. We selectively source our products from a range of qualified Australian and international suppliers.

What is the warranty period for Retractable seating units?

Our retractable platforms heavy duty design and the use of high quality materials and components, allows Interseat to offer a 10 year warranty on the telescopic under structure and 12 months on selected seating. Warranty is subject to a regular service and maintenance schedules

How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

General orders can be delivered and installed within 12 - 15 weeks once your deposit payment has been confirmed. For larger and more complex projects the delivery and installation process can be tailored to accommodate your time frame and requirements

Are units made in standard sizes?

Interseat custom manufacture products to suit the specific requirements of our customers. All buildings vary in size and shape and so do our seating systems. Our systems are tailored to the millimetre to maximize the seating capacities for your performance area.

What row rise is available?

We can manufacture the row rise to suit your building and sight line requirements. Variations in the rise are available to meet specific room requirements. To meet building regulations in most states, minimum and maximum dimensions apply and Interseat can assist with this advice as required.

What row depths are available?

When you are looking for extra walking space and leg room wider decks can be provided. If required, we can assist by minimizing the row depth for more space saving solutions. All variations of row depth must meet State Building Code requirements.

What size seats are available?

Seat sizes vary throughout our entire range and can be installed at different spacing depending on the venue and your personal seating requirements. Interseat ensure space between aisles is maximized to give the most generous "seat space" possible.

How many aisles are needed?

Interseat complies with all building codes and regulations applicable in your state and will design your system to meet these regulations. The number of aisles required is generally determined by seating capacity/layout and is specified in the current building codes.

Can units be partially opened?

Interseat systems can be used in many different configurations dependent upon performance requirements. Our systems can extend from the front or extend from the rear (utilizing the access from your balcony to your unit). 2 / 3 rows can be extended if that's all that is required.

Will the floor support the weight of the unit?

We will provide wheel weight loading tables and wheel path details for each unit we propose. Interseat can assist with engaging an accredited engineer to ensure your floor construction is suitable for sustaining the load of the unit specified.

Can rear platforms be provided to match the seating unit?

Yes, we are happy to discuss the options and share some examples of previous projects we've undertaken.

Do all step edges have contrasting nosing?

Interseat steps and decks are fitted with stylish extruded aluminium nosing which can incorporate a grip edge and glow strips for added safety.

Seating fabric

Interseat offers a vast range of fabric prints and colours. Multi coloured seating layouts are possible to accommodate creative design configurations. Our friendly staff can assist you with advice and design if required.

Deck Coverings

Interseat offers a selection of floor coverings to suit all venues and budgets. These include non-slip water resistant sports flooring, carpets, timber and aluminium

Fascia panels 

Fascia panels are available upon request. Our fascia panels are manufactured using laminated MDF with a professional edge banding. Finishes are currently available from the Laminex range of colours. Please contact our sales office for samples.

Side drapes

Interseat provides side curtains manufactured from heavy duty commercial grade fabric. Side curtains are self-storing and mounted on glides to open and close with the unit.


All metalwork, including the understructure is finished in quality black satin powder coat.

We also supply hot dipped galvanizing for all outdoor bleachers and grandstands.

What is the major difference between front mount seating and rear mount seating?

Rear mount seating provides the opportunity for seating to include arm rests and writing tablets. Rear mount seating is used in venues where theatre styled seating is required.

Front mount or nose mount seating is attached directly to the front of the platform decks. Front mount seating is not available with armrests and is therefore more commonly used in school and sporting facilities.