Warranty Claim and Customer Complaints Procedure.

The following steps must be followed when making any claim in relation to Interseat products. We would like to ask that all purchasers acquaint themselves with the warranty conditions specific to their seating selections prior to submitting any claims.

All claims must be authorised by Interseat Pty Ltd in accordance with our Warranty Policy. Interseat Pty Ltd will not be liable for work carried out by any maintenance organisation unless prior approval for a claim has been requested and authorisation given.

Warranty Conditions:
Interseat Pty Ltd will, upon receipt of a notice in writing (Warranty Claim Form) from the Purchaser within the warranty period, replace or repair any defective seating component, or any defective material or workmanship in the seating.

All Interseat (Upholstered backs and bases) carry a conditional warranty of 2 years against material or manufacturing defects or malfunctions. This warranty excludes claims for damages caused by accidental, negligence, or improper handling of goods. This exclusion also extends to the improper use of chemicals, solvents, and damages caused by exposure to extreme heat or sunlight.

Interseat - Retractable Seating units carry a 5 year Structural Warranty. The structural warranty on retractable units cover material and manufacturing defect that result in a loss or reduction in the structural integrity of the seating unit.

The seating system must be fully manufactured by Interseat without any modification of any type, and installed by an authorised Interseat installation crew according to its application and operating instructions.

Repair costs cover only labour and parts required to restore the Interseat Retractable unit back to its condition before the breakdown or failure occurred. It does not cover secondary items such as loss of time or income etc.

For further information please contact: Warranty Claims 07 41554121

1. Claim Forms
Copies of this document and warranty claim form will be available on the Interseat web site.

Enter details of the claim on the warranty claim form, then mail, fax or email to Warranty Claims. If claim forms are not available from Interseat web site at the time, contact Interseat and a Claim Form will be faxed or emailed directly.

2. Complete your Warranty Claim Form (Please call Interseat if you require assistance)
Please provide the following details as per the Claim Form:
• Principal contact person
• Organisation Name
• Address
• Date of claim
• Contact details
• Photo?
• Explanation of concern
• Current Impact
• Expectations

3. Forward Warranty Claims
Please use one of the following methods.
Mail Fax/Email
Interseat Pty Ltd 

4. Claim Process
Upon receipt of the completed warranty claim form Interseat Pty Ltd will initiate the claim process and the sender will be provided with the following by fax or email:
• Confirmation of the receipt of claim within one working day.
• Notification of claim number for reference purposes
• Provision of a time frame to determine the next step of action

5. Progressing Claim
• Once initial contact has been made, Interseat will assess the photos in combination with written evidence supplied by the purchaser.
• Interseat will then determine a course of action to remedy the claim or complaint in consultation with the purchaser.
• In the situation where travel is required, all scheduling will be in liaison with the purchaser. Any delays for the sake of staff availability, logistics management and parts availability will be discussed openly with the customer in an effort to remedy the situation at the earliest possible opportunity.
• Interseat and the purchaser will then determine a suitable time for corrective action. The negotiation of rectification timing will commence within 3 working days of claim receipt.

6. Staff processing the claim
• Staff member responsible for corrective action will ensure a Corrective Action Request (CAR) is generated upon receipt of claim.
• Staff will be responsible for recording all costs associated with the claim/complaint for the purpose of cross referencing against sales data and where applicable, design control.
• At the completion of the claim process, Interseat with have the claim finalised via a customer sign off process.