Outdoor Permanent Grandstands

Fans and spectators may be on the edge of their seats in games and performances, but everyone will be satisfied with the comfort and amenity provided. With Interseat Outdoor Permanent Grandstands you'll easily and efficiently accommodate your team's following and the numbers you need.

Fixed grandstands suit venues that always need seating in place.

Features include:

  • Seating capacity is only limited by your environment.
  • Different seating options are available to allow for greater flexibility in locations used.
  • These fixed grandstands are designed for outdoor spectator seating requirements.
  • Main frame is heavy duty steel and welded 'I beam' with hot dip galvanised coating.
  • Units are firmly secured to ensure the steadiness of the structure
  • Unique design of deck stabiliser enables the load of the grandstand to be evenly distributed on the riser beam and deck planks.
  • Deck planks are extruded aluminium with an anodised surface.

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