Travelling Retractable

a retractable system where the system is able to travel in straight line to vary the location of where the unit can be opened and closed. This system would be used if the performance area varied.


well designed to provide optimal capacity

ease of operation, single button control makes setting up and packing away easy

comfortable and safe, with an optimal line of sight

enables fast set up of seating without manual handling

storage can be in a recess or against the wall

our units are designed using:

high quality steel

row locking system

aisle lighting

row-to-row dampening

steel alignment guides

options (depending on design) control booth, fabric colour, plastic colour, floor finishes, curtains



Available Options

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Travelling Retractable

  • Crest Front Mount
  • Merlot

Crest Front Mount

The Crest is a high quality seat with steel frame and heavy duty poly-ethylene backrest and bases. They are also available with a padded fabric insert.


The Merlot is a fully upholstered seat with steel frame. The modern, ergonomic seat provides a high level of comfort and durability.

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