Fixed position systems suit venues where storage and performance areas are always in the same position.


  • seating for multipurpose areas which have fixed storage and performance areas
  • wall mounted or floor mounted
  • manual or electric operation
  • comfortable and safe with an optimal line of sight
  • fully customised to your needs, including adapting to existing infrastructure
Our units are designed using:
  • high quality steel
  • row locking system
  • aisle lighting
  • row-to-row dampening
  • steel alignment guides
  • options (depending on design) control booth, fabric colour, plastic colour, floor finishes, curtains 


Available Options

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  • Crest - Front Mount
  • Merlot
  • Monarch

Crest - Front Mount

The Crest is a high quality seat with steel frame and heavy duty poly-ethylene backrest and bases. They are also available with a padded fabric insert.


The Merlot is a fully upholstered seat with steel frame. The modern, ergonomic seat provides a high level of comfort and durability.


The Monarch seat is a high class, beam-mounted, foldaway theatre style seat. The Monarch is also available with a tablet option.

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